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1966 Chrysler Newport 4-Door Sedan

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1966 Chrysler Newport 4-Door Sedan

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Posted on: 1979-10-12
An interruption of the main electrical power feed circuit from the battery and alternator may occur due to separation of a terminal connection in the wiring circuit.  The terminal end of the power feed wire coming from the compartment may separate from its mating terminal on the wire going into the passenger compartment at the multiple circuit connector (known as the bulkhead connector) located on the left (drivers) side of the engine compartment firewall.


Corrective Action
Dealer will repair the engine compartment power feed circuit wire by installing an overlay wire routed around the bulkhead connector.

Vehicle description: passenger vehicles.system: electrical; wiring.consequences of defect: interruption of this circuit can cause loss ofelectrical power to all electrical systems and accessories.  Vehicle wouldbecome inoperative, which could lead to an accident.