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Central Illinois Railway 945 W. Cullerton Chicago June 2006

Tom J. Burke posted a photo:

Central Illinois Railway 945 W. Cullerton Chicago June 2006

Peoria-based Central Illinois Railway for a brief time operated the former CB&Q Lumber District tracks on Chicago's southwest side. Those tracks are abandoned and removed now east of of Laflin Street, and what is left to the west is operated by BNSF which took back over from CIRY. In the CIRY era it counted as customers Colonial Brick, the Kramer Foundry, and Battaglia Distributing on the east end.

The section here is now a pedestrian path.

Looks like a green Chrysler Cordoba in the distance.

For more information on the Central Illinois Railway's Chicago operation with maps see-


Posted on: 1979-10-12
The columns may contain steering shafts in which the steering column coupling roll pin retaining notch was machined too deep.  This may cause the steering wheel shaft to become disengaged from the rest of the steering assembly.


Corrective Action
Dealer will install a cotter pin through the roll pin to ensure retention, at no cost to owner.

Vehicle description: passenger vehicles equipped with tilt steering wheels.system: steering assembly; steering column coupling.consequences of defect: this condition would result in loss of steeringcapability and, possibly, loss of vehicle control and an accident.