Recalls for your 1980 Triumph Tr8

Recalls for 1980 Triumph Tr8


1980 Triumph TR8

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1980 Triumph TR8

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Triumph Recalls

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  1. DEFECT #1 -

    Widespread lack of understanding about the operation of webbing sensitive and dual sensitive seat belts has lead to non-use of belts by a number of owners.  Some belts retractors may jam, bind or lock.  This may discourage the use of the safety belts.  Consequence of defect: non-use of seat belts subjects occupants to risk of injury in event of an accident or sudden braking.


    Corrective Action
    Instructins on proper belt usage and simple checks will be sent to owners and will replace any malfunctioning retractor.

    Vehicle description:two door roadsters and coupes passenger cars.system: seat belts.