Recalls for your 1992 Chance Ah-28

Recalls for 1992 Chance Ah-28


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Chance Recalls

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    The passenger access doors are equipped with differential air motors for the door opening and closing operation.  Due to the size and construction of the doors, the motors that hold the doors closed can be overpowered and the doors can be forced open by a passenger pushing against them.

    If the vehicle is in motion as the doors are pushed open,the parking brakes will set, stopping the vehicle suddenly.  This could result ininjuries to standing passengers.  If the doors can be pushed open wide enough,a passenger may fall out of the moving vehicle, causing serious injuries.

    Corrective Action
    An unloader kit will be added to dump the air off of the small cylinder side of the door motor to insure that the doors are positively locked and cannot be forced open.

    System: structure; door assembly.vehicle description: diesel-powered, rubber-tired authentic replicas ofturn-of-the-century streetcars.note: if your vehicle is presented to an authorized dealer on an agreed uponservice date and the remedy is not provided within a reasonable time and freeof charge or the remedy does not correct the defect or noncompliance, pleasecontact chance coach service center at 1-316-942-7411.  Also, contact thenational highway traffic safety administration's auto safety hotline at1-800-424-9393.