Recalls for your 2005 Nabi 60brt

Recalls for 2005 Nabi 60brt


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Nabi Recalls

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  1. DEFECT #1 -

    Nabi is recalling 579 my 2005-2007 60brt model year 2007 65brt and my 2003-2004 60lfw transit buses.  These buses may contain a defective welded crossmember assembly in the understructure.  This crossmember is a welded assembly that includes a steel channel welded to the articulated joint casting at the front trailer section of the bus.  Under certain conditions, this weld may crack and the welded crossmember assembly may begin to separate.  Once partial separation occurs, the center portion of the bus in the area of the front of the trailer may drop.  If this condition is undetected, additional separation of the joint may occur until the front section of the trailer contact the road surface.

    This could result in loss control of the bus increasing the risk of a crash.  This could also result in a loss of electrical power and engine controls.  This loss of electrical power and engine controls may render the vehicle stalled in a roadway.  Additionally, the floor inside the vehicle will become uneven posing a risk to passengers in the vehicle.

    Corrective Action
    Dealers will inspect and repair including installation of an additional reinforcement to the affect joint.  This repair will be performed free of charge.  The recall began on april 30, 2009.  Owner may contact nabi at 1-888-391-1777.

    Nabi recall no.  20091.owners may also contact the national highway traffic safety administration's vehicle safety hotline at 1-888-327-4236 (tty 1-800-424-9153), or go to .